Salma ElShami
Visual Storyteller & Creative Producer


Projects Under Development 

الغشّاش/The Cheat 


How comfortable are we with our shadow selves? The Cheat explores that question through a group friends playing a card game where each player gets a chance to cheat. 


This is the pre-production teaser trailer, film is under development and will move into production this winter. If you're interested in knowing more about the project or being part of it please contact me. 

Production Location: Berlin 

Looking for: Actors, Cinematographer


Monologue Series://1- Miss-Take 


The monologue series dives into one's "Fuck it" moment, triggered by the tiny mundane occurrences in daily, ordinary life.

I'm currently in preproduction for more monologues. If you want to express your "Fuck it" moment and have it visually come alive, let's make it happen!   

Production Location: Berlin 

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights of the song

Music by Le Femme

Song- Paris (2012)

Album- Psycho Tropical Berlin 

LabelBarclayUniversalBorn Bad Records