Based in Berlin, Germany

Salma ElShami is a Palestinian-Austrian visual storyteller and creative producer currently based in Berlin. Films have always played a huge part in Salma‘s life, they continually bridge the gap between her internal and external world. Salma‘s drive for visual storytelling comes from the desire of telling stories of characters she‘s longed to see on the big screen. She wants to make films that reflect and share specific stories from her community. These stories are a calling. The questions she explores in her films are not comfortable ones and at times challenging. Salma‘s visual world is inspired by Gasper Noé’s, spiced with David Lynch’s eerie, subtle surrealism mixed in with the approaches of Ingmar Bergman and Maya Deren. 

As a Creative producer, Salma is on the journey of experimenting with different types of mediums. While her stories come to her visually, each story gradually unfolds itself until it is ready to come alive. Salma‘s themes and topics gravitate towards telling a story of - as Agnès Varda once put it- "a specific woman". Cultural Identity, rejection, vulnerability, and one’s circles of oppression are the prominent themes that Salma‘s delving into at this time in her life. Her approach is curious, vulnerable, and open: Salma‘s intention is to honor and celebrate those who inspire these stories and opened up her mind.


During this last decade, Salma has gathered experiences in the fields of Media Production, project management, publishing and education. Working in these different areas has shaped Salma into wearing different hats and navigating through different responsibilities and clientele. 


Salma‘s last position was as Creative Director at a lead content and service provider company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where -at the age of 24- she was given the opportunity to lead the production department. Salma worked on three main platforms:



Telecommunications: providing Mobile, and App designs, content and services with Saudi Arabia’s main three telecommunication companies (STC, Mobily, and Zain). 

Audio Production: where she earned her first credit as Executive Producer on a record produced locally. The song was released exclusively on Anghami and has received positive feedback. Salma also worked closely with the audio production team and voice actor(s) to produce audio content and music for national and international companies. 


Digital Production/YouTube: Salma worked closely with the YouTube MENA team in upgrading YouTube pages from content to design to raising SEO and viewership as well as creating original premium content for the platform. She personally worked as a professional advisor with top content creators from the region. Her biggest project was to create premium content for Saudi Arabia’s Deaf Community.